Batman cupcakes, drywall dust, encouraging profanity in 5-year-olds.

I just finished a batman cupcake, thanks to a 2nd grader’s birthday. More importantly, I just finished enrolling for my benefits package. I was nervous; it was getting down to the deadline, and it got forwarded from my parents’ house and ultimately sent back to the school because the postal service doesn’t recognize my address yet? Maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten DTE, either. Hmmm.

So, I’m insured. Or, I will be soon.

My ceiling is also patched up. After all the rain, I was disappointed to find that the window frames were leaking rain all over my window and bed. I was more disturbed when one entire corner of my bedroom ceiling began to sag and crack apart. The roof was repaired last week, and yesterday my landlord patched up the ceiling. I’m a little worried about the bathroom ceiling, which is on the same damaged side of the house… the ceiling is also starting to sag. But the landlord patched the crack in it, and said that hopefully with the roof repaired it won’t be a problem. We’ll see.

Winter is going to be interesting. I have a feeling I’ll have to uber-insulate the windows. You get what you pay for… so I can’t complain too much. Rent is cheap, and my landlord has been very good about repairing things so far. It’s just unfortunate that I’ve already had so much contact with him, since I’ve been there for less than 2 months…

Anywhoo. Derrida is pissy because she’s been locked up in the bathroom for the last two days, while the ceiling was repaired.

I got to see Dayla last night… it was a very nice time. We ate Indian food, had a drink, and talked about teaching in Mongolia and Ferndale, respectively. I’m sad she’s moving out of state immediately after getting back.

Teaching is okay this week. I feel like I spend most of the day yelling, singing, and sometimes laughing. Different proportions in different classes.

Yesterday the younger ones gave me a high percentage of laughter. I had the Kindergartners practicing writing the letters they know… A, M, and S so far. I told them to write 3 on each line. Some kids put them on the same line. Ergo, lots of Kindergartner papers that read:


and one kid who didn’t like A so much so just practiced more of:


I collected the papers, rather than send home ASS papers.

As for tonight, I am taking home the stack of “IEP at a glance” information. The special ed. staff here put together single-page summaries for each kid receiving special education services, including accomadations and suggested strategies from classroom teachers. Already a few behavior issues are making a bit more sense; I’m glad we finally got this information.

What a boring post, ¿no?

If you want excitement… Count Day is tomorrow. Ah yes, the one precious day whose attendance determines all state funding. Kids and parents alike are lured with the promise of candy, prizes, pizza, ice cream, free dress day, and a radio broadcasting right here in the school!!!


I’m just shocked that it’s only Tuesday.


One Response to Batman cupcakes, drywall dust, encouraging profanity in 5-year-olds.

  1. Shanell says:

    I’m glad my school doesn’t offer incentive to be there on Count Day. It was spirit week, though, and kids usually like that.
    Those IEP papers are a Godsend. They explain SO much. Our Sp.Ed. teachers have to do them during the summer and get them to us the first week of school. Then, when an IEP needs to be updated, we have to send in our observations of the kids and whatnot, sometimes sit in on meetings. It’s all such great fun.

    School is tiring, isn’t it?

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