I might be allergic to Picture Day.

Quote of the week, from a 3rd grader standing next to a farting classmate in line: “It smells like rhinoceros defecation.”

(Someone is proud of some strange vocabulary words.)

Anyway, today I am not anywhere near 3rd graders or rhinoceros defecation.

Yesterday was Picture Day. What insanity. Each grade was scheduled a half hour to get ALL pictures done, and all the grades were back to back. Of course, a half hour is nowhere near long enough, so everything was backed up. Also, lots of teachers (wisely?) took the day off, so it felt like half of the classrooms I was dealing with had subs.

I got my picture taken for an ID badge. I bet I look deranged. I certainly felt deranged.

The day was crazy enough that I decided to jump on the bandwagon and take today off, especially since yesterday I had the beginnings of a sore throat. So last night after volunteering at the MEAP parent information night, I stayed at school for over two hours more, preparing sub plans and making copies.

Sub plans suck. I spent so much time and so many copies getting together activities that could connect (even remotely) to a language the sub probably doesn’t speak. I got home at 9pm, called to leave a message that I was taking a sick day, and crashed.

It’s a good thing I did, because I woke up to my 5:30a.m. alarm (which was still set) with what felt like an elephant inside my chest. I couldn’t even cough, much less talk. But just rolling over and going back to sleep was a woooonderful feeling. I spent all day lying in bed, drinking gallons of green tea, taking a loooong shower, and having lunch with Arika.

This is the first job I’ve ever had with paid sick days… 7 of them, and 2 personal days. I’m definitely going to need to pace myself. Though sub plans are enough to make it worthwhile to just come in and teach…

To be honest, the 7th grade boys were reason enough to take the day off. Silly me, I took off the one day where I don’t see them. There are some kids in that class who I really have no idea what to do with… and the administration has been fairly lax when it comes to discipline.

I’m just tired… and I hope I feel more alive tomorrow. I suppose I should try to find something to teach. Progress reports are due on Monday… oi vey.


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