A equilibrar

Yesterday chupó el tiempo grande, as you might say in Spanglish. I apologize for my 100% negative attitude.

Today is going okay. My cough is still here but getting more productive… and even coughing up slime is better than just coughing endlessly.

When she didn’t have my sub plans last week, the sub asked the kids to journal briefly about “any hispanic person.” Every single fifth grade paper was either about

a) George Lopez,
b) me,
b) or the other Spanish teacher. (Who also is clearly not hispanic.)

It looks like we need some culture reading on famous Spanish speakers, if all they can come up with is their blue-eyed blonde-haired Spanish teachers.

I’m trying to incorporate more accountability, more warm-ups, more things so I can actually grade. I’m also keeping kids occupied by a myriad of classroom jobs, ranging from the helpful (passing out papers) to the trite (erasing the board) because surprisingly enough, the #1 tragedy in an elementary school child’s schoolday seems to be not being picked to help. In the third grade class, I have students assigned to gather my magnets, gather my bags, and hand me my coffee cup so I don’t forget it… for their sake but also because I tend to leave items all over the school. (Shocking, I know.)

There are still several kindergartners who spend most of the class in tears because they didn’t get picked to help lead the song, or put a magnet on the board, or something. Remember how tragic life used to be?

A fifth grader told me today that Friday’s sub should just teach all the time, because the class respected him more. I asked why. “Because he looked like he was going to kill us if we didn’t shut up.”

Oh, okay.

It’s hard to be good at this job. It’s hard to even be mediocre at this job. I’m pretty sure I am sucking at this job for now, and it is still exhausting me.

Nevertheless… onward!

I miss everybody. It was so good to see people on Sunday… I’m starving for human (adult) conversation.

Oh, but I adopted another cat. More about that later. I’m pretty sure you know how this story ends.

(Me, dozens of felines, deranged monologues…)


3 Responses to A equilibrar

  1. d.cous. says:

    Uh oh. Cat lady alert! 😉 That’s actually very cute that all the kids want to help with something, though I suppose that finding tasks for everyone can be exhausting. Keep it up, Sara! I know you’ll come out of this on top.

    I’m kind of surprised that none of your students seem to know or even know about any hispanic people (except you of course, and George Lopez). I mean, there’s kind of a lot of hispanic entertainers and athletes out there. Are they too young to know who J. Lo. is? Hm, that’s probably a good thing. 🙂

  2. saracita says:

    Haha… one kid did write that George Lopez is married to Jennifer Lopez. 😉 I guess nobody seemed quite as hispanic as George, or me.

  3. Theresa says:

    Sometimes I cry when I don’t get picked to lead the song at the beginning of class. Dr. Neufeld PROMISED that next Wednesday I’ll get picked to lead a chorus of “Old McDonald Set Up Binaries” for sure!! I’m sooooooo excited!!

    …you’re not hispanic?

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