Catfights, MEAPing, weeping, snot.

Meet Frida (named after Kahlo), my newest cat. She’s a crabby old lady.

Derrida isn’t helping Frida feel very comfortable. She’s still all kitten, and mostly tries to jump on the other cat, causing general hissing to occur. While not baiting her new “friend,” Derrida thinks she is a cat-bird of some sort, and spends time perched on shoulders.

In other non-catlady news, we are MEAP-ing this week. On MEAP days I don’t teach any Spanish classes, but am in charge of the “holding rooms” for the groups of students not being tested yet. “Holding rooms” sounds somewhat zoo-like to me, which is appropriate, since it’s been pretty chaotic. They’re studying the election and political processes, but we didn’t really have enough material to fill up the several hours we have with each group, so I need to come up with some more stuff.

The classes I am teaching this week I am trying to fill up with lots of moving around, games, and interactive practice… as little sitting and writing as possible. MEAP week sucks for everybody, students and teachers alike.

It was a rough weekend, but I did get to see a lot of people… family, friends, and so on. Since I didn’t have a lot of planning to do last night, I shlepped back to Ypsi with el novio for happy hour at the Corner. Sooo good to see people.

I want to get involved in dancing again… maybe take some martial arts classes. Something or other. I’m tired of sitting and writing, too.

I have sneezed about a million times today. This schizophrenic weather is wreaking havoc on my sinuses.


One Response to Catfights, MEAPing, weeping, snot.

  1. chelsea says:

    i was gonna come out there last night 😦 grace was sick all day. i’m bummed!

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