El 15 de octubre

Everyone seemed just a bit deranged today. It’s either the full moon or the MEAP. Maybe both.

One year ago today I started dating this one tall guy with a crazyman beard. The facial hair has come and gone, but I’m glad to say that he is still around. It’s been a good year.

I am watching the rain come down in buckets and hoping that I am not going to come home to a leaky ceiling and soggy felines.

I always stay at work trying to get work done but am too mentally fried to actually do anything.

Some good snippets for you:

Me: What did I just tell you? Give that back; you only need one crayon at a time.
4th grader: (grumble) I’m going to go back home and sit in the cat’s litter box.
Me: …What? Why on earth would you do that?
4th grader: At least then I wouldn’t have to come to school.

Me: Stop chewing on your arm; you’re going to need it someday.
Other 4th grader: It’s okay, I’m right-handed.

Kindergartner: (emphatically) I WAS A BABY WHEN I WAS BORNED!
(He’s run up to me excitedly and told me this several times now. I’m a little confused as to what he’s talking about.)

Good times.


One Response to El 15 de octubre

  1. chelsea says:

    thank you for making my shitty day at work a little better 🙂 i actually laughed out loud. 🙂

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