I was at a fight today, and a Spanish class broke out.

Good things about my Friday:

  • I had a wonderful day with my 2nd graders. This is the first time this has happened, ever.
  • The Kindergartners were gone on a field trip, so I got a 45 minute break in the afternoon.

Not so good:

  • I spent my Kindergartner-free break calling parents about a fight that broke out in the 5th grade, during our party/game day. The fight was over a pencil. Of course.
  • Writing up the referrals for the two students involved meant staying late for the administrative runaround.

Pleasant surprise of the week:

  • I spent all day Thursday in the homeroom of an 8th grade English teacher, helping her proctor the MEAP. It was the most peaceful day I’ve ever had at this school… maybe the only peaceful day I’ve had at this school. She’s been there a long time, and has an incredible relationship with her class. It was a truly a delight to spend the day with them. I must say that I had much bleaker expectations for time spent with 8th graders, considering the chaos of my 6th and 7th grade classes.

Unpleasant surprises of the week:

  • My insurance company called, and said… blah blah insurance jargon… basically, they pay nothing. I knew they weren’t going to cover my vehicle – ergo I am still driving around with styrofoam duct-taped to the back of my car – but I thought the point of no-fault insurance was that they would pay for the damages to the OTHER car. As it turns out that is not the case, and I owe him “up to” $500, either directly or he can take me to small claims court. So much for breaking even this month.
  • My bedroom window frame started dripping again, and the ceiling is cracking and sagging on the side that wasn’t just replaced. The landlord is checking it out and hopes it’s not going to be too extensive because he’s “short on money.” For now I have a towel crammed under the windowsill and am hoping this can get resolved before cold weather really hits.

Today I have a million things I should be doing, but I happened upon this blog and am enjoying it thoroughly. This post about Mr. Clean made me LOL (for real) for nearly five minutes straight.


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