The Saga Continues…!

After the massive discomfort and frustration of Monday, this week has been a roller coaster. Many speculations on to what haphazard decision the administration would make next; many bets placed and paid off in sodas. School was canceled Tuesday and Wednesday, since the weather got even colder. Staff still has to report to school. Yesterday the administration announced twice that school was canceled today for staff and students, and let us go home at noon. Lovely. Then, a few minutes after noon, they announced to those of us that were still here that we might still have school today… wait for a call. After no call all day yesterday, I got a call last night saying that yes, we did have school today. Then this morning I got up at 6am and called the school to hear a recording that “school is canceled for students and staff.” Called back again at 7am, go the same message. So, rolled over and went back to sleep. Got a call from my lead teacher at 8:30 saying that we needed to be at school.

Anyway, the moral of the story is, for the last 3 days we’ve been just hanging out at school. At least I get to meander in here groggily somewhat later than usual, with jeans and sweatshirt and no glasses… and even more significantly, no students. Lots of time to catch up on grading and prepare for the end of the quarter next week. Actually, it’s a blessing that the boiler fiasco gave us these days “off”, because I have no idea how I would have gotten all the grades finished otherwise… we just got access to the grading system last week.

I’m so antsy after sitting in this office all day, staring at grids of numbers and finagling percentages.

I did have one amusing interlude, where I had to drive home to save my boyfriend, who I accidentally locked into my apartment. I am a space cadet.

Less than a half hour to go before I can go home. My colleagues and I are currently engaged in an intense round of the Silent Game, an ongoing competition all day. I almost lost when one of the security staff came in dressed in a huge flowery dress, hat, and wig.

Tune in next time, for more exciting times!


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