Ay de mi, el 4 de noviembre… que día histórico

I’m actually teaching this week, not sitting in a cold school grading. It’s kind of nice. Truth be told I missed the little crazies. I am launching some new ideas that are actually working. I’m giving the older kids more (structured) choices as to what they learn about and how they learn it, and it’s actually going well so far, even with the craziest of the classes. We’ll see. We’ve also been learning about el Día de los Muertos (leading to rambling stories about halloween…) One of my favorite moments of today was with the second graders, who were making calavera skeleton masks. One little boy kept tugging on my arm to tell me that so-and-so looked at him funny, or kicked his chair, or whatever… all in a very serious voice, and all from behind the cut-out eyes of a brightly colored paper skull.

I am sitting here drinking a glass of wine, shortly preceded by coffee, shortly preceded by a bike ride, shortly preceded by voting. I’m watching little states on a map turn red or blue. So far it’s Obama’s lead, 206 to 141 electoral; 51% to 48% popular.

Okay, that’s about enough of that. No more suspense.

This year’s election has showcased a few ridiculous new ways to show support for your candidate of choice:

I am well aware that this madness is from the McCain camp… I’m sure there is equally crazy antics coming from the other side. I just haven’t come across any that were quite so amusing (and a little horrifying) as these.

What are people going to talk and argue about after tonight?

I asked my sixth graders that today, and they said “About President Obama!”

I’m apprehensive about the results tonight, for a lot of reasons, but in part because I may be facing several hundred brokenhearted elementary students tomorrow, depending on the results. I’ve never seen little kids so excited about an election. Our school has done a good job of getting kids engaged in the political process… they all registered and voted online with Kids Vote, so they could learn about the election process and see what kind of results a “kids’ election” would get.


If you wanted to know… I voted for Obama, mostly because of his (and his party’s) views on:

–the war
–the economy
–civil rights

On the Congressional and local level I voted for a variety of candidates, mostly against the war and against partial-birth abortion. There has been a lot of discussion among people I know and love about the “Pro-Life” issue… over here, for instance. Lots of thought provoking arguments and points. Sadly, abortion has become the deal-breaker for many conservatives… and the only deal for some. I decided long ago that I can’t be a single-issue voter, especially since the “pro-life” candidates rarely are a moral choice for me on any other issue other than abortion. Since the executive branch has so little power over abortion laws – and no immediate influence – I have to cast my vote for president based on other issues. I don’t necessarily think that attacking “abortion” as a whole, or even trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade, is going to be effective. It’s also too easy to just vote for a “pro-life” candidate, and leave your fight against abortion there – filling in a bubble on a ballot. The real fight against abortion comes at a more local level, first… both in elections, but more so by helping at crisis pregnancy centers, advocating adoption, fighting poverty and the kind of ignorance that leads to unwanted pregnancies, and thousands of other real world, gritty, grassroots battles. The president isn’t Captain Abortion Laws, whoever he happens to be.

He is, however, Commander in Chief… which is scarier…


La la la!

Okay, I need to finish getting ready for tomorrow… go to bed… and face the world.


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