At least appliances going up in flames offer some warmth.

Items of note about the weekend:

  • Friday: I had my first “dinner party” at my new place! Exciting news for a cat lady! G. & I. had dinner with el novio and I. Good food, good wine, good company… and teachers are really cheap dates. Wine was sipped from coffee cups, of course, with all of us eating off the coffee table. I’m not quite equipped for dinner parties yet… but it was lovely.
  • Saturday: My microwave set itself on fire, while heating up a cup of tea. No metal involved or anything. It just started buzzing and popping, and I had to put out some flames inside.
  • Sunday: I had my first meeting with YFU, an organization I’m volunteering for. They organize and supervise programs for foreign exchange students. I’ll be helping with some organizational things, and eventually helping to keep tabs on exchange students in Oakland county. It should be interesting.
  • Sunday night: First snow!
  • Monday: Heat broken at school again. School is not canceled… again. Crabby teachers and cold students… again. Chaos… again. All semblance of order broke down sometime after lunch, as students called home and had parents come pick them up because of the cold. My last class had about eight students in it. Pointless afternoon.

So, all is back to normal. Just another week.


2 Responses to At least appliances going up in flames offer some warmth.

  1. d.cous. says:

    Wow, the title of this post alone was almost enough to make me weep. I’m glad that the rest contained some cheer 🙂 Your adventures with the heat-less school continue to amaze and bewilder. What happens when it gets really cold?

  2. saracita says:

    We get really cold, I guess? The heat was fixed today… and hella turned up. So everyone was way too hot, with windows open and everything. So much for a happy medium. 🙂

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