Needs, Knees?

I need to be calmer. I need to not let myself be frustrated by my students. I am rarely upset with individual students, but end up yelling. Has my fuse gotten shorter? It wasn’t like this during student teaching. I never actually felt upset by the students. Maybe it’s the sheer numbers.

I am tired of spending so much time yelling at little kids.

I need to find new ways to organize myself. Keep my paperwork at home in order. Find clever ways to manipulate myself into doing household chores as soon as I get home from work… not playing the game of “I’m just going to sit down for a second,” or worse, “I’m going to just take an hour-long nap.” (I got home from school and slept for five hours one night last week. Woke up at midnight; stayed up until 3am doing grading and planning for the next day.)

I need to figure out how to economically fit a foreign language classroom into two overfilled tote bags.

I need to figure out new ways to conserve paper, printing back-to-front, making as many assignments as possible fit onto one sheet, putting activities into paper protectors so that students can use dry erase markers and then pass the sheet on to someone else. I just used up my last ream of paper – I was allotted two for the quarter? year? Who knows?

I need to find constructive ways to deal with frustration and overwhelming situations, the runaround from administration, kids sneezing and throwing up all over themselves in a too-cold school, kids with nosebleeds in overheated classrooms.

I need to not get frustrated with students.

My students need to stop slamming their hands in doors, poking themselves in the eyes with pencils.

I need to start Christmas shopping.

I need to make more connections around here. My weekends are lovely but during the week I get stir-crazy and lonely.

I’m very needy.

This weekend has been very nice. Art at the DIA, books at John King bookstore, rain, hot chocolate, blueberries, adventures, quality time with quality people. Hard to believe there’s only one full week left of school before Thanksgiving break. Not so bad.


One Response to Needs, Knees?

  1. armeredith says:

    I have started this system and it’s cool:

    Also, google GTD. It’s great.

    I laughed out loud when you said your students needed to stop slamming their hands in doors and poking themselves in the eyes with pencils. I’m not sure why, but I feel that I am cruel for laughing for more than 30 seconds. Sneezing and throwing up all over themselves was a favorite. You have more patience than me, my friend.

    That bookstore looks like Borges’s heaven-library.

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