Speaking of art…

Just to share one of my favorite parts of my job… and there are many good parts, despite my whining:

Many of my students are working on a unit about expressing likes and dislikes in Spanish. They were assigned a project where they wrote and illustrated sentences using “gusta” phrases. One 3rd grader showed me his paper.

It took me a second to realize what the lefthand picture was.

“Oh, Cruella DeVil,” I said. “You don’t like her, then?”

“No,” he said, very seriously. “I do.”

Apparently she was the first person who he thought of when asked to describe something he really liked. So, one of my third graders has a total crush on a Disney villain.

Please note the hair, the heels, the angry eyebrows, and the cigarette. Also, the “perros me gusta mucho” on the other side… he loves dogs, too. Has he watched the whole movie? I sense a crisis of affection if he ever does.

When I get stuck for lesson ideas, or just am feeling depressed for any reason, I have the kids draw stuff, for vocabulary practice, illustrations or whatever. It’s always great.

Ms. Kennedy, on the beach, with green ears, a kitten, and chocolate chip cookies - by a Kindergartner

"Ms. K, on the beach, with green ears, a kitten, and chocolate chip cookies" - by a Kindergartner


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