The third cuppa coffee is already half empty.

Finding my brain too fried for actual work, I end up wasting time here.

I’m getting ready to shlep out in a few minutes. I’m tagging along on my first mentoring appointment with an exchange student. It should be interesting. Unfortunate timing, since I am exhausted and have a million things to do for school tomorrow, and I have already burned out any productivity leftover after the school day. I guess this is why I normally have no life outside of school.

It was a rough day today. Teachers and students were burned out. Students yelled at eachother, and grumbled at teachers. Teachers snapped at students, ranted to coworkers, whined across phone lines to other teachers. Everybody coughed and sneezed and had a headache and felt like throwing up. I stayed late enough to finish up a project I somehow got roped into, but left before really doing my work for the day. I got tired of huddling in a shawl and typing with gloves on. The school building finally has heat — too much of it; windows are open to make it bearable — but parts of the convent are drafty and freezing. When I left today, my office was 55 degrees F.

Talking about plans for next year, it’s hard to be objective. Right now I’ve got my teeth dug into the thought of a beautiful 5-day break next week, and it’s hard to see past that. I don’t want to give up after one year, and in reality another school might not be much better. But it’s also hard to imagine fighting this losing battle for years upon years.

The blackboards are always greener on the other side of the… not this school. Right? More like, the SmartBoards are always brighter… in schools with adequate resources? I don’t know. I am running on caffiene and less than five hours of sleep. I think I used to be better at this.

Less whining next time, I promise.


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