Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The title is something that has been making me smile, after watching a chaotic choir rehearsal with approximately 60 sixth graders, singing the male and female parts to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” There’s something about the tone of the lyrics that became hilarious when coming from a sea of kids fiddling with their ties, tipping their chairs, flailing around, and being themselves.

I wish I knew how – (Your eyes are like starlight now)
To break this spell – (I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell)

I think it was “swell” that really got me.

I took a sick day today. More specifically, a mental health day. Suffice to say that it’s been a rough week. Anyway, I wasted most of the day in bed, asleep or reading, but I did get some housework and grading done. I just want to be prepared – mentally and otherwise – to finish up my week with at least one productive day tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to the break next week, and catching up with family and friends… but not of the impending doom of the holiday season. The commercial glitz is already starting. Christmas shopping is always daunting to me. I’d like to find the time to be somewhat creative this year, but I’m trying not to kid myself.

The good news is that the last few weeks I’ve actually had a few hundred in the bank after bills & loan payments… something that hadn’t been the case in months. The bad news is that this probably isn’t going to happen again for a while. I finally got a call back from the guy who hit my car a few months ago. (After several unreturned messages, I was beginning to hope that some magical money fairies had paid his deductible for me.) Apparently the money fairies are broke this month, since this was not the case. He agreed to let me pay him the $400 deductible in two installments, which is good. I also still have not gotten the actual fine for that ticket. I have my court date in December… the officer said that if I just show up at court it will most likely lower the fine. That’s good. My car still has no bumper, but that’s pretty low on my list of priorities.

Oh man, Christmas. How about my Christmas list? Usually my mom asks me for ideas to give to my grandmother. Things I need this year:

  • A case of multipurpose copy paper. I’ve been using paper given to me by other teachers who were allotted more than 2 reams for the semester. I appreciate their generosity. I just used up the last of my paper yesterday on sub plans, and it’s uncertain when I’ll be given more by the school. January, it is theorized.This is a key point of frustration right now for me.
  • Dry erase markers. The more the better… quantity is more important than quality for me, since the kids tend to abuse them anyway.
  • Construction paper, sketch paper, etc. Stuff for kids to make projects with is also good.
  • Picture books in Spanish. I have a very small library so far.
  • A bumper. The exposed innards of the back of my car are starting to rust.
  • Boots/Shoes that are appropriate for snow and for school. I don’t have anything that is warm and presentable right now.
  • A microwave. The one that came with my apartment is toast.
  • Cool earrings? I’ve lost some of my favorites.
  • A social life?
  • World peace?


I am at a coffeeshop and there are three high school girls on the couch opposite me, in a flurry of homework and high pitched giggling. Oh, kids these days.

To end on a positive note, this is something that I laughed hysterically at the other day:

It’s pretty swell.


One Response to Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. chelsea says:

    im glad you took a “sick” day. that’s what i did this past saturday, like i told you. it was so wonderful having 4 days in a row to myself, and grace.

    walmart has boots…that i want, i think. i will show you them, in hopes that you might feel inspired. 🙂
    ^ those are the walmart ones, they are $35, not $38.

    or, with staying dry in mind (not so much the warmth unless you got some great socks and/or legwarmers which could be a fun option because these are easy to clean and will probably last a long time):

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