Wedgies, noogies, and swirlies.

The Fine Arts team is doing an Anti-Bullying unit with our students… I just spent one day on it, since there’s not a lot I can do to connect it with Spanish, besides teach them ¡Deja de intimidar! to put on their posters. But it was a little break from teaching Spanish yesterday. Kids had a lot to say about bullying.

Me: What are some examples of ways someone can be a bully?


  • Wedgies! (This came up in EVERY conversation. Even worse is the “Texas Wedgie,” apparently.)
  • Steal their lunch money!
  • Put food in their pants! (…?)
  • And much, much more.

Me: What are some ways you can deal with a bully?

  • Fart on them!
  • Tell them their momma’s ugly!
  • Other more constructive but less hilarious ideas.

I’ve got quite the stack of anti-bullying projects. Lots of comics depicting wedgies and swirlies and bullies with really big muscles.

The other good news is that the heat in our office should be fixed by next week. The school building is back to its sweltering temperature, but several days this week our offices over in the convent have gotten down to 55 degrees.

Methinks I’m headed out to my “old stomping grounds” for the weekend, rather than being lame here. See you there.


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