You rode in on a horse, and I took him down.

My weekend felt cramped with so many things. It flew by like it always does, and I barely made a dent in the stack of grading that is currently drifting over my coffeetable. But I saw a lot of people, and had some very important conversations. It was just very filling.

I did receive sad news. The infamous booty mug that Ashes and I contributed to the Ugly Mug (and for which we won a gift certificate in the “Ugliest Mug” contest) has been broken, and no longer is available. This is a truly tragic loss. Check out the bodacious curves on that mug. I’m afraid that this mug’s tackiness and confusing blend of motifs (saxaphones? music notes? a protruding ass?) will be hard to equal. I will certainly miss sitting at the coffeeshop and seeing people being hip and cool and working on whatever with their headphones and their laptops… and then they reach for their coffee and are startled when they accidentally are groping a ceramic butt.

A moment of silence… for ceramic butts.


It’s good to have a weekend that feels meaningful as well as peaceful. It’s good to know that I only have to teach one more day before break. It’s good to know that even after a hellacious Monday, and after an evening of lying useless and defeated upon the awkward angles of my futon, I can still hang up the telephone with my face hurting from so much smiling.


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