Black Friday, Indeed

Stories like this makes me hate the world. A temporary Wal-Mart employee got trampled to death by bargain seekers. To death????? I only got more disgusted as I read the rest of the article. Officers came by to try to organize the line, but were called away to a Circuit City, a Best Buy and a B.J.’s Wholesale Club nearby, to deal with crowds there. Are you kidding me?

I need to get somewhere to buy some paper and other supplies for school, but I’ve decided to avoid retail altogether. I did hit up the Salvation Army, and did not get trampled.

Thanksgiving was very nice. I have been in Ypsi the past few days, couch surfing and being social. El novio and I stopped by at his parents’ house and then drove out to the boonies for dinner with my family. We even got to meet up and play board games with my two oldest friends and their respective significant others… I guess that’s what you do when you’re old.

Speaking of which, I’m turning 23 next week, which is pretty anticlimactic since I’ve mistakenly believed I’m 23 for several months now.

Not to jump on the gratitude bandwagon, but in light of my usual whiny blogging this is probably a good time to list some things I am thankful for.

In no significant order, I am exceedingly grateful for…

  • Coffee… particularly the free variety. It’s good to know enough baristas that this is still an option…
  • Headphones… since holiday music is out in full force.
  • Family, high in both quantity and quality.
  • Stories in the “Original Language”
  • Friends who are wonderful, and
  • Couches to sleep on while being a nomad.
  • That “…Friend” guy, who has stuck around for a year already, and about whom I could write many, many cheesy things.
  • God and his sense of humor, and the people who have showed me that it is still possible to love him in a non-bullshit, non-batshit way.
  • Cats for warmth and company.
  • My students. They frustrate, baffle, and totally exhaust me, but in the end I really love my job.
  • A job, and an income in a country and state where so many people are struggling to make ends meet.
  • A functional vehicle, ramshackle though it may be.
  • The roof above my head; also ramshackle but no less appreciated.
  • Intarwebs through which to learn, teach, shop, connect, and rant…
  • Oooh, and Good Beer with some aforementioned good people.

And for that precise reason, I’m out.

Stay safe, kids. Look both ways before you cross the supermarket aisle.


5 Responses to Black Friday, Indeed

  1. chelsea says:

    uh, which salvation army were YOU at?? 🙂 i went to the huge one on stimson/state and it was pretty crowded. i did not get trampled, but i also did not get anything. the line was SOOOOOO long. i am debating hitting up the value world near me today. I WANT TO SEE YOU! thursday night? im off.

  2. saracita says:

    That’s the one I was at, at about 4ish…. women’s clothes were all half off. (uh… hott? haha…) Thursday night works for me. What would you like to do? I’m in a hat-knitting frenzy right now, apparently.

  3. chelsea says:

    i was totally there at 4!!!!!!!!! did you get anything? i want to watch grey’s anatomy on thursday….so i just need to be back at my place by 9 🙂 and ill have a gracie monster, so if we are to craft, it should be in a place where she can roam freely and not have me chase her down. i cant wait until she understands that she can wander and NOT make trouble and just come back and say hi once in a while. right now she wanders…troubles…wanders…no sense of cling at all. heh.

  4. chelsea says:

    actually, on second thought, depending on what james’ plans are, i may be gracie-free after 4 or 5, if he wants to hang with her for a bit.

  5. saracita says:

    Yes, I got a sweater and some pants. I somehow am feeling more and more like a catlady; it may be the thrift store sweaters… hmm. Anyway, Thursday I’m free whenever… I get out of school at 4:15.

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