More adventures with the Law.

Yesterday I made the mistake of telling the 5th graders that I would have a sub today, because I was going to court about my car.

“Are you going to be on TV?”
“Are you going to be on Judge Judy?”
“Can we come watch?”
“HEY GUYS, Ms. K is gonna be on TV!”
“When are you going to be on TV?”

Oh, such tangents I get myself into unwittingly. I had to calm everyone down… no, no TV… nothing exciting, just boring stuff.

So, anyway, I slept in (relatively speaking) and went to my court date at 9:30am. The guy who hit me – a Warren police officer, off duty at the time – had to show up as a witness, too. We both explained what happened. Mr. [other guy] explained that it’s a narrow street, hard to see, and so on. When I mentioned the boat that was blocking my view in front of the neighbor’s house, the magistrate took note of that and said he’d look into that, because apparently boats are not allowed there. Then he said that he was happy to see that I was claiming responsibility, that [Mr. guy] was being very helpful and considerate, and that he wanted me to know he appreciated that. I got a $75 fine, no points, the end.

What a relief. I have never been so happy to pay $75. I gave the guy the rest of his deductible… which means that in all this debacle cost me nearly $500, and poor Lucy is still bumper-less and losing hope of ever being repaired. But it could have been so much worse.

Today I was just moved in general by human kindness. The guy who hit me was very understanding, the magistrate was merciful, and what’s more, I found a good sub to take over my classes.

After such a surprisingly upbeat start to my day, I realized that – whoops! – it’s almost my birthday and I never mailed in my registration renewal. So I went to the Secretary of State… and now although my license plate may be duct-taped to my back window instead of on the bumperless rear of my car, at least it’s a plate with current tags.

And I came home and wasted my afternoon on a long nap…

In all, a good day.

Teacher’s days off are hard work to earn – sub plans suck – but once earned they’re such a luxury. Leaving and returning home while it’s still light out? Lovely. And it’s a day where I can make a dent in the stacks of grading… rather than just adding to them.

(Of course, I haven’t made any such dent yet.)


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