A phototastical birthday

I turned 23 on Thursday. I spent the day teaching and staying late for parent conferences, which we’ve been doing all week, fairly uselessly. As a birthday surprise, I actually spoke to one parent, in the last hour before leaving.

After school, I headed out to have coffee with Chelsea. We knitted hats, tried the unfinished results, and occasionally saw people hopping past the window of a gym across the way. It was pretty amusing.

I got home after 9, to find that el novio had showed up much earlier to surprise me, with food and presents. I’m not good at being surprised, apparently. But it was very sweet. Almost as impressive as Valentine’s Day.

On Friday night my family brought me dinner, and a birthday cake:

…and a Christmas tree, complete with decorations…

Derrida immediately became enamored with the tree, and spent a lot of time climbing around in it.

…with predicable results.

Anyway. It has been a nice weekend, though I’m not sure how it’s almost over already.


2 Responses to A phototastical birthday

  1. chelsea says:

    oh my goodness! tell wes i’m sorry for keeping you. i’m glad you had a good birthday 🙂 i can’t wait to get a tree here. i was fighting christmas in all its churchy glory but now…well, i want a tree and stockings and hats. haha.

  2. nkelber says:

    Happy Birthday from the future!

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