Fa la la la… noooo!

La la la… really, anything to distract me for a moment from progress reports, because my brain hurts from staring at numbers.

I talked to so many parents today. Far more than during “parent conference” week, definitely… between the kids hurting themselves in every single class, to arguments and bickering, it was a rough day. I thought I could salvage the last vestiges of some lessons and projects before break, but I definitely think starting tomorrow we’re shifting into full “let’s make cultural crafts” mode.

Remember the freaking “Fa La Lattes” from Caribou? I sure do. Last holiday season I vowed to never say “fa la latte” to a customer, and just said “here’s your eggnog latte” instead. The sound of the eggnog steaming was so loud and screechy that I just screamed “I haaate chriiiiistmaaaas”while on the bar, and nobody could even hear me. Ah, the holidays.

Anyway, this past weekend I actually had a good experience with eggnog. Some friends and I made it. It was an epic adventure. Holy crap, eggnog is definitely decadent. It involves a crapton of eggs, cream, sugar, and bourbon. It took so long to make, but was rewarding.

Spellcheck does not recognize “crapton” as a real word. Stupid technology. Little does technology know, but crapton is an entirely valid unit of measurement.

There is no way I should be writing right now; I need to finish these progress reports. I am so worn out. I want to sleep for weeks.


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