learn it up

I didn’t bring home any work with me today, for the first time that I can remember. I stayed up until one in the morning last night working on progress reports. I am burned out. Paper pointsettas and albanico crafts, here we come.

I ended up staying up anyway, reading Educating Esme. I finished it in all one sitting, and cried quite a bit. I’m relieved to read about such familiar scenery, and sad because I feel like I’ve hardly made a dent, myself.

More than anything I know I need to adjust my own attitude. I was at the dollar store yesterday, picking up a bunch of supplies for the kids, and getting swamped with anxiety about money and reoccurring irritation that the school does not provide me with what I need for my job. Then I realized: people spend countless amounts of personal time and money on their passions. I just so happen to have a job which is my passion. I get paid for involving myself in something I’m passionate about. That means I’m the lucky one.

Feel free to point this out to me, because I seem to lose sight of it about one thousand times a day.

p.s. – As an added bonus I also get to see myself through my students’ eyes. The results are interesting.


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