Fresh starts & stale evenings

I’m already having trouble holding onto the enthusiasm I mustered over break. I’ve been staying late at work and going home exhausted. I haven’t done a good job yet with the whole “being productive outside of work,” just because I keep falling asleep so early.

At work there are rumors flying around about what will happen when our school leaves its management company and becomes independent. I’m not worried about losing accumulated sick days, since I am new here and already have used up 4 of my 6 sick days for the year. But I am very worried about paychecks over the summer, insurance, and where I’ll be next year. I simply do not trust this school to not completely screw me over.

So, I’m already beginning the job search. Trying to have some backup plans for if – when? – this job completely goes to hell. Too bad there is nothing in Michigan.

I have these daydreams of living in the Ypsi/A2 area, teaching in A2 public schools, being around people… oh man.

On the bright side, I met some good local people – first time since I’ve moved here! – at the Spanish language meetup on Monday. It was very refreshing, and good practice with the language.


3 Responses to Fresh starts & stale evenings

  1. annadefenestrated says:

    You always seem to work hard and play hard.

    Like in school- worked waaaay too hard. It was impressive, but I thought you were kind of crazy. Thought when you got a real job you wouldn’t be so exhausted you could fall asleep anywhere. Can you still do that?

    I’m considering teaching English in South Korea…

  2. saracita says:

    I think I have the tendency to get a little manic when I find myself hating my life. I haven’t fallen asleep randomly in a while, mostly because I’m always on the move. If I space out at this job all hell breaks loose. Hmm.

    Do it! What program are you looking at?

  3. annadefenestrated says:

    Weeell, I was thinking about Bridgelinguatech.” They find you a job when you’re done with their little course if you go to China or Korea.

    My lease is up in April…

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