I’m Pro-Crastination

Please note that I mostly blog as a desperate attempt to NOT do what I am supposed to be doing… that is, getting ready for tomorrow, because the weekend is already over somehow.

Desperate measures I have taken in the last few days to avoid grading or lesson planning:

  • Cleaning my apartment.
  • Updating my resume & portfolio.
  • Volunteering at an all-day meeting yesterday.
  • Shoveling snow.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Working out, several times. I’m trying to exploit my “free week at a gym” coupon as much as possible.
  • Laundry.
  • Filling out job applications.

Yesterday I spent all day out in Waterford at YFU’s mid-year orientation. It’s my first event with the group, and I helped lead a group of about 15 exchange students in discussion and activities. The other two volunteers sort of let me take over, because they said I was clearly a natural at it. Funny how I am good at teaching-related skills everywhere except for at work, apparently. I wasn’t glad to give up my Saturday, but in the end I really enjoyed it. It was great to hear the kids’ stories and I really do feel comfortable working with them and encouraging discussion. I’m willing to sacrifice some of my limited free time to be involved with something like this. It is a little weird to be involved with yet another group of people several decades older than me… most of the other volunteers are middle-aged host moms. But really, I’m down for any social interaction that isn’t just me and my cats at this point. I’m desperate.

Driving home was also fun, in the blizzard. A lot of people were going tobogganing in Pontiac after the meeting, which I did not participate in, but I did give a ride to three students. Since my back doors were frozen shut, this meant several teenagers climbing through the front seat and smushing themselves among the books and various clutter in my back seat…. me brushing off the snow several times before even leaving… the girl from Brazil still somewhat freaking out at the winter wonderland… a very slippery trek through the wilderness to drop them off at the toboggan hill… oh, fun times.

I applied for a job at Huron High School in A2 today. I doubt I’ll get it, and I’d actually rather teach elementary Spanish than High School English. But it’s worth a shot, and after spending hours on the application at least it’s in the Ann Arbor system.

On Friday on our lunch break one of my colleagues pulled out a bag of runes and we started doing some lighthearted rune reading. I pulled out 3 for past, present, and future, and we all started laughing at my “present” rune. It supposedly stands for “standstill,” “Ice,” and “emotional winter.” The most telling phrases from this rune’s description were things like “unexpected drain on energy,” “a freeze on all useful action,” and “positive encouragement is unlikely now.”

It’s not hard for any of us to find writing on the walls telling us to get the heck out.

Anyway, besides the fact that I am returning tomorrow for another week in an “emotional winter,” things are okay.

I didn’t bring work home with me all week, and last week I gave the kids nothing that I need to grade. I would feel guilty but based on oral responses and participation, they’re actually doing pretty well, and displaying more knowledge than they have on these stupid assignments accumulating on my desk. I still have stuff from before break. The magical thing is that the longer you wait to grade something, the less relevant it becomes, and the less compelled you feel to ever grade it… hmm….

I have two more weeks, and then I get a clean slate and brand new classes, where I plan to lay down the law, recycle some lesson plans, and maybe even see if I can teach some electives. (Or maybe someone will ride up on a unicorn and hand me a well-paying, supportive, awesome teaching job somewhere else…. at which point I just may flip this school the bird and go riding off into the sunset.)


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