Roller Coasting

I noticed that the moon was looking full; perhaps that’s part of the reason the kids were absolutely nuts today.

Possibility: werewolves?

There’s some kind of cycling going on, at least. Based on the behavior of the 6th grade girls, I’m betting that there were 30-some cases of simultaneous PMS going on in one classroom. Hoo boy!

Seventh grade boys, I am so tired of stepping in between you to prevent near-fistfights. I am much shorter than you but my anger is fierce, and I am tired of being angry at you.

Third graders, since when are “slut” and “crackhead” the popular insult of the day? What happened to Picklehead? At least that was creative. And please, stop threatening to suck eachother’s “hmm-hmm;”it’s impolite at any age but at your sweet young age it’s especially appalling.

First graders, what happened? I could always count on you for a class where at least a few people could learn things and have fun learning them. Not today.

Everyone else: Seriously?!

Life is its usual roller coaster. Last night I had a wonderful time talking to people at the Spanish language meet-up in Royal Oak again. I refined my Spanish a bit thanks to native speakers, and talked for a long time with a guy who just returned from the Peace Corps. In fact, he is going to try andput together a presentation and come talk to my students about culture in Panama. I’m excited. We talked about Detroit, teaching, service, and perhaps more than anything the unromantic realities of idealism.Everything always looks a lot more exciting and heartrendingly relevant from a safe distance, even if it’s just leaving work and sitting in a coffeeshop talking for a few hours, then going home to sleep for a few more hours before returning to the battleground of said idealism.

So I went to bed last night feeling rejuvenated… and tonight I feel utterly defeated again.

Whoosh to the top! …scream all the way down.


2 Responses to Roller Coasting

  1. chelsea says:

    what day would you like to get coffee? i can do any evening. i’m off today, and i open the next several. i think tonight would be good 🙂

  2. annadefenestrated says:

    Aw, kids shouldn’t talk like that. Not cool.

    The existence of werewolves and vampires would explain many things in my life.

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