“Your driving record isn’t that great, eh?”

Last night on my way home from my Spanish language group, at about 10:30pm in the snow, I got pulled over as I was getting onto I-696. Apparently I had taken the wrong way in the complicated transition from Main St. to Woodward to I-696. He wrote my up for obstructing traffic. $125 freaking fine.

I have been pulled over several times now since my car has been bumper-less. Every time, the cop has come up ready for trouble – flashlight out, hand on gun, checking the backseat with the light. Every time, they visibly relax as soon as they actually get a look at me – a nerdy young white girl, as opposed to whatever else they were clearly expecting. I was warned once about keeping my license plate more visible, and written two tickets for minor things… but these minor tickets are adding up, and maybe I need to just shell out the money to get my car fixed rather than getting constantly profiled as dangerous… even now that my driving is extremely cautious and paranoid.

Someone should find me some conspicuous “I am a harmless catlady Spanish teacher nerd” bumper stickers or something.

Then I just need a bumper to put them on.

Anyway, besides ending the evening on a very upsetting note, the Spanish meetup was very nice. Actually after some of the group left there were only four of us who degenerated into English conversation… which was no less fascinating. I very much enjoy the people I have met through this group.

How I love anticipating a paycheck that is already dissipating before I ever see it. Hooray for adult life.

P.S. – Today I got “Punching Girl” from the fourth grade to talk about skateboarding and some other interests other than punching. I knew it was in there somewhere.


One Response to “Your driving record isn’t that great, eh?”

  1. annadefenestrated says:


    I saw this and thought of you. Seriously, though.

    Like… dude. Really.

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