This entry has been brought to you by the letter C

I have been doing an okay job of staying busy, since I haven’t had time to do everything I need to do. I guess that’s good.

In a crazy overkill of being social, I went to see the new Che movie last Thursday with some people from my Spanish language group. As it turns out, it was four and a half hours long, since it was actually part 1 & 2… the first full length film about Che & Fidel’s revolution in Cuba, and the second about the attempted revolution in Bolivia. I’d seen the Motorcycle Diaries already, which was good but not mind-blowing, but at least I’d already been introduced to the history of our lovable asthmatic-yet-cigar-puffing revolutionary. It was very good, but after the first movie it was pretty late already and I spent most of the second film just wishing for my comfortable bed, and for Che to finish up running around in the jungle with beardy armed men, already…. since he just finished doing that in Cuba anyway…

It was very interesting, and it was good to go see it with the Spanish group, since one guy is actually from Cuba and has seen firsthand the results of a revolution that started off strong but never exactly panned out for everyone–which is generally the case.

I am discovering a stubbornness that I didn’t know I actually had… maybe too much time with kids. As soon as someone says I can’t do something, I want to do it. For example, how come I can’t go visit Cuba? This isn’t the case with everything… it’s mostly with people who I’m frustrated with who I feel rebellious towards. For example, the U.S. government (Who says I can’t go visit Cuba? You gonna stop me??), or my school administration (What if this is working for my classes? Who says you can come in here and stomp on my clasroom management? Oh, so you need updated lesson plans, do you?) …etc, etc.

I recently got a positive note from my principal, the first feedback I’ve really gotten at all since I started teaching at this school. She thanked me for my creative Spanish lessons, and for my “strong will”–which perhaps is true, since I’ve become much more outspoken and definitely stubborn since I’ve begun teaching. I guess I am like my mother after all… (Hi, Mama!)

Anyway, I’m learning.

Last night I went to Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, which is the oldest jazz club in the world, to see my friend Brett play with his new musical endeavor, Smooth Operation… which, as you might guess, is smoooooth jazzzzz. (If you click on their site, Brett is the one person remotely close to my age… ha ha.) It was a lot of fun. It’s a classy joint, the band played well together, the drinks were over-the-top potent, the food was delicious, I was amusingly hit upon by a crazyperson before leaving (“Got a boyfriend? Well, how do you feel about fidelity?”), and in all it was fun to experience a piece of Detroit’s history.

Oooh, speaking of classy joints… inspired by my four-hour-jaunt through Cuban history, this Friday el novio and I went to Cafe Habana in Royal Oak for some cuban food. It was very delicious. I had arepas, which are like thin cornmeal pancakes, topped with goat cheese, tomatoes, avocados, and spinach. (All things which I love dearly.) And the café cubano is right up my alley. I don’t know if there’s any connection with the Ann Arbor restaurant with the same name, but the food & coffee is delicious there, too, and you A2 folk should check it out.


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