Maestras enfermas y estudiantes tirandose pedos o lapices…

Estoy muy enferma. 😦 I could feel the beginning aches on Tuesday afternoon, so I prepared sub plans and took Wednesday off. That was good… I could sleep in, sneeze constantly, drink liquids, and have mi novio bring me brie and crackers in bed.

Yesterday and today I am back to teaching, but I feel like crap. I hate that feeling in my head that is all light and echoing, and sneezing constantly, and coughing, and then trying to figure out where in the classroom of still-somewhat-anonymous faces individual voices are coming from.

Most-heard quotes this week:

Ms. K, your nose is red.
Ms. K, where are your glasses?
You look better without glasses.
You look better with glasses.
My favorite, from a Kindergartner: Ms. K, you shouldn’t be hollerin’ at us when you’re sick.

I was amused in the lunchroom today when someone tattled to me that K. (a 1st grader) had said “a cuss word.”

Me: K, did you say something bad? What did you say?
K: Um… there is this world… it’s underneath heaven and the angels… it’s a fire world where the demons live…?
Me: Okay, that’s the word you said? Please don’t say that word.

Another awkward thing about being sick at work is having conferences with parents – which I’ve actually had a number of this week – and trying to say (in many cases) something serious like Your daughter needs to clean up her attitude or I will send her out of my class… but saying it interspersed with sneezing, dripping, and watery eyes.

The good news is that I am fighting the good fight with my nerve-wracking class of 6th grade girls, who I still am seeing twice a week. There is a handful of girls who have made that class a living something* for everyone concerned, and I’m beginning the new semester by speaking to all their parents personally. I’m determined that I’m going to win this one.

I also had a show down with the 6th grade boys and the mysterious flying pencils that no one seems to be responsible for throwing.

Honestly though, I’d rather teach all boys than all girls any day. I’m tired of the adolescent girl drama; I’d rather keep reminding the boys about projectiles, and put up with a lot of farting, with subsequent giggling and opening of windows…

* this world… underneath heaven and the angels… a fire world where the demons live…


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