I knew we should have landed at LaGuardia…

With the South African accent of the flight attendant this morning, it’s been like we’re living Space Mutiny…

Anyway, I’m writing this from Matt’s couch in Brooklyn. Ashes and I woke up at a bright-eyed 3:30am… had check in troubles, and got switched from our 6am flight to JFK to a 6:15am flight to LaGuardia… met Matt & Chelsea at the airport… trekked laboriously back through a variety of trains & buses… had a delicious breakfast… and now I am strangely unable to nap here on the couch.

I’ve been on break all week and it’s been fabuloso. I took the first Monday back off for a cheaper flight back, so that gives me five days in NYC before flying back to Michigan and teaching and cold skies. Here it’s a balmy 50 degrees, which is lovely. I’m looking forward to schlepping around the city later.

Things on my mind:

  • adventures for these next few days
  • the plugs I ordered that should be in by the time I get home… I’m going to start stretching my ears
  • doctor’s appointments and subsequent decisions
  • sketchy dentist offices…!
  • plans for this summer
  • plans for next year
  • grad school
  • houseplants
  • teaching…

That’s as coherent as you’ll get from me for now… but I’ve got fresh batteries and clear memory on my camera, so expect 5 million photos from the trip…


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