Sopa de Pollo

MMMmmm chicken soup! What a nice sunny day. Beautiful weather for eating soup in an 85-degree office with the fire escape door open, for fresh air (and a quick escape?)

New York was lovely. It was the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure, and great to see the Brooklyn folk. Nice to ride the trains and crane my neck back at skyscrapers and Picassos, and put my head back down after margaritas and after walking and walking and walking.

Then I flew back Monday night and watched the runway turn to suburbs, then to drab fields, then to clouds, then white-and-drab checkerboards, back in snowy Detroit. Sigh.

Tuesday was an appropriate introduction back into real life. In the sixth grade class I had to pull two boys off of each other, fists flailing. I spent the morning talking to parents via telephone and making carnival masks with students, interspersed with brief eruptions of confused, screaming excitement when the older students paraded through with feathers, beads, and music. After school I stayed to help judge the science fair. How charming the junior academy kids can be on an individual level, while I am judging their science projects. How out of control they are in unruly groups of 30 or so.  Hmm. I actually had a lot of fun seeing all the experiments, but in all it was a 12 hour day on my feet, and I was exhausted at the end.

The thing that is a little scary to me is how much I still love my job, even though this week has been absolutely nuts and I am already burned out again.

Maybe I like teaching the same way as I like the big city. There’s a certain zen peacefulness about total chaos, as long as there are bright colors and things for your senses to pick out of the clamor.

I’ll probably be staying late again today for a meeting with a parent regarding her son, who flipped me off during class today.

Best moment of today was during lunch duty, when a first grader said that K told him to shut up.

Me: Are you being kind?
K: They were pronouncing my girlfriend’s name wrong.
Me: You have a girlfriend? You’re in 1st grade.
K: I have one girlfriend. She’s a little fat, but that’s all right, because fat people are okay.

I advised him that he should probably never say that to a girl. This kid is great. The things that come out of his mouth never cease to amaze and amuse.

So, the bad news is that the 1st graders are dating. The good news is that they have absolutely no game at all.


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