There’s nothing like starting your week with a bad cup of coffee

…and a killer cold, and no heat at school.

How early are you allowed to feel nostalgic for your college years? Is this an okay time to start? One year out?

I think mostly I miss living in Ypsi. I am trying to make decisions about next year, teaching, grad schools, and living situations. I have this pipe dream of taking a year off of teaching and just working on my TESOL Masters, getting a grad assistantship to pay tuition, living in Ypsi. But I know I need to hang onto this job while I can… live out here… take some classes gradually… get more loans and chip away at debt slowly. Waaaah.

It’s March now. Things are going to start looking up once it gets warmer, I know. This morning was so frigid, and for some godawful reason the school turned off the boiler all weekend, so we all spent the first few hours in coats and scarves.

Whine, whine, whine…

Oooh, on a brighter note, although I have been very lax about making it to practices, noise band is having another show this weekend. The band now has a myspace when you can get info, hear some songs, and check out the mind-bogglingly tacky background images. We’ll be playing at the opening of a doodle exhibition at the coffeeshop – people have contributed doodles to be displayed. I think it is a fitting atmosphere for our “sound doodles.” I am looking forward to it.


2 Responses to There’s nothing like starting your week with a bad cup of coffee

  1. chelsea says:

    i cant see your myspace 😦 it’s undergoing maintenance. poo on myspace. i deleted mine recently.

    are you up for coffee tomorrow? jen ks wants in as well. i ran into her last night at the bar (thank god). we can all sit and talk and plan.

    when is your show? where? i want to come. i miss you. let me know about tomorrow. we can have good coffee. 🙂

  2. saracita says:

    Tomorrow – wednesday – works! Any time after 4:15… depending on where we meet. Where do you want to coffee? I also am starting tutoring appointments in Novi and in Northville on Tuesdays/Thursdays… so afterwards I’d be down for coffee somewhere thataway!

    The show is at the Common Cup in A2 at 8pm I think… I’ll have to check to be sure. 🙂

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