The luck of the partially-Irish

This week has been almost hilariously bad. It’s been a cartoon-like domino run of mishaps.

I got notice – via snail mail, which is why it took so long – that I overdrew my bank account last week before I got paid. It was due to a few automatic payments which went through, which were supposed to go through after the paycheck. I made several purchases under $10, even $5… I got charged $35 for each one. Overdrew my account and completely drained the savings that were supposed to be my overdraft protection. When I got the notice over a week later, I had already lost hundreds of dollars. Which means by the time my paycheck arrived, half of it was gone. Savings account is gone. I called the bank and tried to get some of the fees reversed, but they wouldn’t. I explained, cried, and was indignant, but nothing helped.

So, it was an interesting St. Patrick’s Day. All over the country people were out drinking, and coming home to throw up. I am a teacher, so I taught all day, tutored all evening, got news of my emptied bank account, and came home to throw up from stress… no alcohol needed! So it goes.

Luckily my boyfriend surprised me by showing up late at my apartment with a few other Ypsi people, with beer and good company… which was worth a bit of lost sleep.

I think Derrida is all growed up. She is getting loud and whiney. From her anguished tone and obscene slinking around the apartment, she’s apparently looking for loooove. I need to get her fixed.

I also need to get my car’s water pump fixed, pay rent, and get groceries but it’s a little unclear how that is going to happen at this point, since hundreds of dollars just got flushed down the toilet. The thought of bigger expenses like grad school or my still-looming debt is overwhelming.

I have an interview on Monday.

I’m trying to retain some sort of a good attitude.

Someone send me some good music or something?


3 Responses to The luck of the partially-Irish

  1. Wendy Kennedy says:

    Sara- I had just such a thing happen years ago when the bank had changed routing numbers without giving written notice & I paid the month’s bills with an old check. It cost me hundreds of $, despite being their fault. Check your bank for their overdraft protection program- most have them, even if they don’t tell you about it. It’s like a pre-approved loan (you fill out an application that’s like a loan application) which kicks in automatically (in $50 increments) if any overdrafts that clear the bank. Then you pay only the $0.54 interest or so over the amount or so if you pay it back when get your next monthly bank statement. It’s saved me a bundle in bank fees for mistakes I (or the bank!) make!

  2. chelsea says:

    I’M SO SORRY 😦 i bet you my friend eric and his uncle could fix your car. his uncle just lost his job, but has an actual set up garage at home, and so he wont mark up the parts and would be happy to have some work. whenever you are ready. and tell me if there is any way i can help. i could use the company too. even if we just get some coffee. more than i can type here, but its not been an easy week for anyone so it seems.

  3. saracita says:

    The overdraft protection was supposed to be my savings account. I tried to get them to reverse some charges, since I am totally paperless and they still sent me snail mail notification… but they wouldn’t. I think I’m going to try to find a credit union or a new bank. It’s pretty ridiculous.

    Chelsea, I appreciate the tip on your friend… I’m hoping to fix it after I get my tax return. As for coffee, are you free Tues. or Thurs. next week…? (Or even tonight, if you get this…) I’ll call you…

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