There’s nothing mystical about my seat cushion.

How desperately are you fishing for miracles to start seeing this kind of thing?

Maybe this is just some kind of lesson to find inspiration in the little things. Like butt prints.

I think after all this negativity I owe my readers (and myself) some positive thinkers.

Reasons I like working in an elementary school:

  • Comic books by a fourth grader, who has been loaning me his masterpieces to read on lunch. Yesterday it was “Ninja Gardain” (?), and today it’s “Stick wrestleing ectreem” (Vol. 1-3).
  • General adventures in spelling, such as “ectreem.”
  • Little kids who always seem to have stickers on their foreheads. The extremely well behaved sometimes look like a billboard, will all those stickers on their face.
  • The prounciation of sacapuntas (pencil sharpener) as “suckerpunchas”
  • “Pi” projects in the hallway (in honor of 3.14 day…)
  • “Reading trap day” where kids can trap adults, drag them into the classroom, and force them to read something to the class.
  • “Dress up as your favorite character” day tomorrow. I’m thinking Frida Kahlo? Hmmm.

Yesterday the sixth graders were terrible enough that I snapped. I was in full-on rant mode. I’m pretty sure flames were shooting out of my eyes, because even the bratty kids had their mouths shut. I informed them that this would be the last useless day we spent in that class. I then proceeded to hand out a variety of threats, ultimatums, home work, and calls home.

To think the girls told me I was “too nice.” Not anymore, suckers.

Surprisingly enough, today was a much better day. The few students who pushed the limits got kicked out of the room. I should feel victorious but mostly I feel depressed that having a productive classsoom means stomping out every spark of defiance. I like defiance in a person. I’m pretty defiant sometimes.

Last night I opened up all the windows of my apartment for the first time all winter. It got chilly, but I didn’t even care.

I got a phone call last night from someone I haven’t talked to in years. It was a little surreal, but good to catch up.

I’ve been collecting Spanish music for my classes, which means I’ve been listening to things like Gotan Project, Bajofondo, Manu Chao, Orishas, to name a few. Bajofondo is actually coming to Detroit soon. If you want an example of their style of “electrotango,” along with a pretty great random-weirdo-dancing-on-a-train video, you should go listen to Pa’ Bailar. (Though I like the version with Julieta Venegas better, because it has words.)

That is all for now. Ha’ luego.


One Response to There’s nothing mystical about my seat cushion.

  1. d.cous. says:

    I actually believe in miracles (not that I’ve seen one), at least in the abstract, and I’m always blown away by people claiming to have seen Jesus or Mary or the Tooth Fairy or Whoever appear on their road sign/tortilla/cheese sandwich/apparently seat cushion. Wow. Why in heaven’s name would you insist on believing that?

    I like the idea of “Reading Trap Day,” that’s great.

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