Citrus Fresh

Still no call for a second interview. I’ve decided that I’ll give myself this last day of hope before getting depressed about it, since they said they’d get back to me this week.

We have “professional development” days today and Mondays, which is pretty sweet. No meetings until 2pm, so of course when I should have been getting some hardcore work done I mostly kicked back, meandered through some grades, came up with a lesson using my burrito counting book, and drank coffee like a champ.

First order of business: clean my desk. I was doing okay at keeping the clutter at bay, until the administration sent out a notice that we needed to “keep our desks neater”… at which point I decided that my messy desk would become not a sign of laziness – oh no – but an act of subversion. It looks a bit better now, at least.

Today my team had a fairly candid meeting with the principal, and were able to voice some concerns over some situations and individuals here at the school. It was very good to be able to put in input and have it listened to. We’ll see what happens.

I’ve been spending a lot of time musing on the future, and trying to make decisions. I’m contemplating moving back to Ypsi after my lease is up, to be a friend’s basement catlady. 😉 I did some simple calculations – thanks to a badass spreadsheet – and figured out:

Miles I am currently driving each week, with tutoring and weekend trips to Ann Arbor: 149
Miles I would be driving if I stay in the same apartment but get this new job: 193
Miles I would drive if I live in Ypsi next year: 386

That’s a lot. But depending on the living situation that works out, I would be saving enough money on rent to make up for gas money. And if I am taking grad classes at EMU it might be worth it.

I don’t know. I am mulling things over. Arrghh.


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