Although I already work at a zoo…

I applied for a summer position at the Detroit Zoo. Hey, it’s worth checking out. I feel like working at a zoo could be a really great or a really terrible summer job. Possibly adorable. Possibly just completely weird… or even more weird. Either way, I’m exploring my options… I want a summer job to save up some money during this great paid teacher vacation we’ve all heard so much about.

We had another PD day yesterday, so no kids. Lots of time to be productive. I actually applied for grad school, filled out my FAFSA, and even stayed late to finish some pretty good lessons for today.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping, but at least my apartment is clean after a few late-night cleaning sprees. I kind of feel like I’m in college again, living on coffee & anxiety.

I love last-minute directions from this frakking school. By love I mean hate.

Speaking of which, I’m finally caught up on watching Battlestar Galactica.

I have sneezed probably a million times in the last day or so.

I love grapes so much.

I want a nap.


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