Dress For The Weather You Want, Not The Weather You Have

It’s a beautiful day outside, made more beautiful by the fact that it is Friday. I have a free period today because the 5th graders are on a field trip, so I can kick back and… procrastinate. The fire escape door is open to let in the breeze, lawnmower sounds, a disjointed rendition of “hot cross buns” on recorders coming from the music classroom across the way, and the excited screams of kids on the playground.

The 1st grader who provides my comic relief each day at lunch ran up to me today waving his arms around and saying: “Ms. K! It finally happened! It finally came true! I have friends!!! Two friends!!!” He and I have a conversation pretty much every day about how to make friends… i.e. be nice, keep your hands to yourself, don’t call people names, don’t yell at people, don’t take people’s food, etc. Apparently it finally paid off. Sort of. By the end of lunch I had to stop him from bonking his new friend on the head with an apple.

This week has been so incredibly long. I guess I say that every time. This week did include some pretty interesting tidbits.

  • An unsuccessful arson attempt by an 8th grader. Luckily she lit the fire in a tiled bathroom. Thank god the arsonists aren’t among our brightest students.
  • A fistfight in my 6th grade class, which ended up with blood everywhere.
  • Barely avoiding two other almost-fights where I had kids by the collar held at arms length to prevent blows.
  • Two boys in tears because verbal sparring turned into a “bring up dead family members” bonanza.
  • Teary young people in nearly every class, for reasons ranging from the trivial to the tragic.
  • Oooh, new insult from a 6th grade girl: she called a classmate an “African Licker.” Whoa, I said, what the crap does that even mean? “I just made it up on the spot,” she said.

I went with Chelsea to “bar church” last night… ha. It was nice. I think the bible should be discussed over beers as a general rule. Ideal would be “picnic with wine in the park” church. This Good Friday was the most inspiring I’ve had in a long time.

More on that later, perhaps. We’ll see.

Derrida is now “fixed”… or broken, depending on how you look at it. She was pretty sad and groggy when I brought her home on Wednesday, and just slept next to me on my bed for hours. But by today she is cheerful and even a bit bouncy. No more distraught meowing for the kind of love I can’t give her. And since they did internal sutures and closed up the surface with surgical glue, there are no stitches for her to chew – so no cone kitty! Though cone kitties are pretty freaking hilarious.


One Response to Dress For The Weather You Want, Not The Weather You Have

  1. chelsea says:

    yay. just yay. 🙂

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