Jaywalking & Other Things I Like To Do On Lunchbreak

Oooh boy, all manners of drama and intrigue! Scandal! Suspense! Will we have adequate health care? Will we have jobs? Will it be the board, the management company, or the administration who will completely screw over this school? Or will it be an orchestrated effort between all of them?

As if there is not enough drama with the kiddos.

Racial Sensitivity:

Yesterday brought yet another lengthy discussion in the 1st grade of the word for the color black in Spanish – negro – and how to correctly pronounce it, and how it became a negative word in the past. This led to some increased understanding and some general tangents.

One kid: “My stepfather is black, and when it’s dark outside you can’t see him, you can just see his shirt.”
Another kid: “Ms. K, why don’t you have brown skin?”

Political Commentary:

The fourth graders are learning describing adjectives and are writing sentences about a variety of pictures I brought in – for example, MLK, Albert Einstein, Spongebob Squarepants, Barack Obama, George Bush.

The kids wrote a sentence about me:

Señorita K. es vieja, seria, y antipática. (Ms. K. is old, serious, and mean.)

And my favorite about the less-than-beloved former president:

George Bush es viejo, feo, borracho, racisto y elefante. (George Bush is old, ugly, drunk, racist and an elefant.)

On the other hand:

Barack Obama es bonito, alto, simpático, y ángel. (Barack Obama is attractive, tall, and an angel.)

I don’t know how this fourth grader learned borracho. Okay, I said, please clarify to parents and other teachers that is was not Ms. K. who taught you that vocabulary. I’m pretty proud that they are correctly using even their sketchy vocabulary, which at the age of 9 they have picked up somewhere along with a strong political bias.

Last night was “Fine Arts Night,” which was a lot of work to put together. We all dressed up in dorky matching polo shirts and put together displays and activities to showcase the work we’ve been doing with kids this year. I think the only reason people came to my table was because it was right next to the line for food, but whatever. It’s all done now.

A cohort of Ypsi folks surprised me last night at my apartment, and kidnapped me for beer and conversation. It was so good to see people on a weeknight. I think I’m going a little crazy with being by myself most of the week. There have been a lot of solitary evenings at home with my cats, lesson plans, and a glass of wine. I’m worrying about my car and the commute I’ll have if I move back to Ypsi as planned in August, but for my sanity it just may be worth it.

Tonight I get to take off the teacher hat and put on the grad student hat for a few hours. My life’s general level of crazy is quickly increasing.


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  1. chelsea says:

    miss you ❤

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