Thank you, Swine Flu.

Our four-day break for Memorial Day weekend got extended thanks to your friendly local epidemic. While on the river canoeing on Monday I got a much-appreciated phone call that school was closed on Tuesday… due to the swine flu, perhaps? No one has any concrete information as to the specifics, but we got an extra two days off out of it.

Now I am back in school for a strenuous two-day work week. I was dreading coming back after the weekend, but as soon as I got here I found myself really genuinely happy to be with my students again. I was all mushy and sentimental to see their (sometimes) smiling faces. Of course, in the primary grades I always get buried in a pile of hugs from little kids, but even the sixth graders had an okay day today. It helped that half the class was absent… ha.

Lunch time with the first graders is always fun:

(Dejectedly, contemplating her ketchup-less chicken nuggets.) Ms. K, I wish you were made out of ketchup.
(Jadedly, about the people selling cookies.) Why does everybody in this world always want your money?
(Appalled, looking at my arm.) EW, WHAT IS THAT???!! (It’s a mole, I said.) …oh, I like it.

I had a pretty eventful weekend. I got to socialize with good folks. Completely wrecked my sleep schedule. Drove a lot. Got a really funny looking sunburn due to uneven sunscreen application. Procured a summer job as a barista. Spent a lot of time trying to trick myself into actually being productive… to little avail. Got some writing done. Emotionally I have been a wreck, for a lot of reasons. Although I loved having a week off and some time to myself, I think it’s good for me to be back in the classroom. It’s good to replace vague anxieties with concrete stress… and I missed the kids. I’m torn about what to do for this coming year.

I don’t know a lot of things for sure, but:

  • We’re making Spanish cootie-catchers in the fourth grade today… watch out!
  • People are complicated.
  • Freckles are my tanning alternative.
  • Imagination and memory are powerful forces.
  • A loofah is not the same as a falafel.
  • Carrots are delicious.
  • Perception and perspective can change lives and relationships alike.
  • I really miss dancing.
  • Artificial fruit flavor will never measure up the the real thing.
  • I can’t juggle more than two objects at a time.
  • I need a freaking bridesmaid dress.

That’s all for now.


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