Nice Pear.

After struggling to maintain composure, I had to speak to a 1st grader about appropriate lunchroom behavior after she stuck two pears down her shirt.

I had an interview yesterday at a charter school where a friend teaches. Prospects look good. I got a really good vibe from the school. I loved the part of Detroit where the school is located… a street full of other languages and cultures. I would be working with a lot of ESL kids, and starting a Spanish program myself… which I feel completely prepared for, at least, after a year here with neither curricular nor moral support from administration. The issue will be whether or not it will pan out to be a full-time position, and whether I can afford to take it. We’ll see.

I get choked up thinking about the end of my time here, as well. Actually I am getting emotional about a lot of things these days. There’s nothing in the middle; the pendulum is always swinging from tragic to touching and not much in between.

Yesterday at the interview at one point – I think somewhere in the discussion of money – the principal looked at me and laughed, and said: “You’re crashing right now, aren’t you?”

I feel like it. My days have been endless between teaching/tutoring/grad work. Last two nights I’ve been up until 2am for both valid and invalid reasons. But my fridge is completely clean, the dishes are done, my papers are written. I feel like I’m being stretched thin, but I only have a few weeks to go so I think I’ll get through without breaking.


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