I could go for some Bumpy Cake right about now.

I got some kind of deathly plague over the weekend, either from el novio or from a coworker. Most of my weekend was spent delirious and feverish. Luckily there was space for some decent things:

  • Cooked my first batch of chili, which turned out okay. (More of a sweet chili… I really want a recipe for a spicy chili. Anyone?)
  • Ate ice cream called “Bumpy Cake.”
  • Tried the Chilean tradition of avocado smeared copiously onto pizza… amazing.
  • Learned other facts about Chile for my grad project.
  • Learned how Chilean men hit on ladies…
  • Finished final grades… almost.
  • Failed 6 of the 11 kids who were originally on the failure track. Sigh.

…but the rest of the weekend was fever, congestion, and general crappiness.

I have been sick more these past ten months of school than ever before in my life.

It sucks to be coming back to school with my head all stuffed up. My voice is shot, and because of the congestion it’s near impossible to tell where voices are coming from. Not good in the classroom. Luckily lunch conversations with 6-year-olds is fairly low-effort. Just listen to the rambling, nod, smile.

My cousin can crack his head knuckles! Can you crack your head knuckles?
Ms. K, I went to the zoo and trash-talked the dinosaurs!

You should save these apples for horses! (This kid says this every time. I don’t know if he has actually seen a real horse ever.)

We’re posting final grades today, but hoping that the kids don’t figure out their lack of accountability for the next week and a half. I foresee a steep decline in behavior for our remaining days together. One fourth grader – who is diminutive but talks enough for the rest of the class – reminded me of this when I asked him for the umpteenth time to be quiet during the lesson today. “Grades are all turned in; what are you going to do to me?”

“Oh,” I said, “Bring it. TRY ME.”

Don’t mess with the sick lady with the raspy voice and the crazy eyes.


Key moments from the afternoon:

Discussing Frida Kahlo’s art in the 4th grade.

A 1st grader peeing on himself.

And in the 2nd grade…

Girl: (Naseous and sitting by the trash can) I don’t feel very pretty today.
Me: I hope you don’t have what’s going around. I don’t feel too pretty, either.
Other girl: Ms. K, you are pretty. Not on the inside, but on the outside.
Me: …


One Response to I could go for some Bumpy Cake right about now.

  1. chelsea says:

    well, i like your pukey pretty insides, for what its worth.

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