Pluck all your silly strings, bend all your notes for me

It’s officially summer vacation for me now.

Our last week at school was fairly useless. The kids had their graduation/promotion ceremonies spread over the last three days of school. The specials teachers (including myself) didn’t have classes to teach, but had parking lot duty and covered breaks for teachers, though as the week went on there were increasingly few kids in school. The last day I had four middle schoolers, one first grader, three fifth graders… and so on. I got to spend the week hanging out and playing games, coloring, playing catch, making play-dough animals with first graders, having my hair felt up by kids a lot more than usual for some reason.

(“How did you get your hair to be like that? What happens if you wash it? Does it turn black?” – 1st grader.)
(“Can we feel your hair? We’re seeing which teacher has the softest hair.” – 5th graders. I won the contest, by the way.)

Then the kids went home Wednesday and we had to spend Thursday and Friday killing time at school. I had it easy since I don’t have a classroom, so I just packed up my desk and supplies, and helped technology with backing up people’s files. My team confiscated the bigscreen TV from the conference room and played Wii and guitar hero for many hours.

Really not too shabby.

I signed my “renewal letter,” so it’s good to know I have a job to go back to. I’m still really hoping to hear back from this other school. I’m going to start being obnoxious if I don’t hear something by Monday. There’s a lot of unknown variables with my current school, since we are leaving our management company, among clouds of drama. None of us even know what our salaries will be like, or what building we will be in.

My summer job fell through at the last minute, so I am trying to find something else. For now I have two months to

  • finish this grad class, take another
  • possibly put together the beginnings of a K-8 Spanish program
  • find a way to make some money
  • get my teaching stuff organized – it’s currently in a jumble of boxes in my car.
  • get my apartment organized and packed up.
  • go to Eastern Market every weekend if possible…
  • not kill the mini-garden I planted yesterday
  • travel somewhere?
  • get some writing done
  • figure out what I am doing this Fall
  • figure out my relationship

I’m getting emotional about pretty much everything.

I’m already feeling the impending panic of unstructured free time, combined with uncertainty about almost every aspect of my future. It’s weirding me out.

The good news is, as someone who is currently unemployed and still getting a grown-up paycheck every two weeks… I have free time to hang out with you… yes, you. Call me.


One Response to Pluck all your silly strings, bend all your notes for me

  1. chelsea says:

    whole foods is hiring part time now. i cant see your latest post. 😦 miss you.

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