Sunstruck Perspectives

Things I learned today, in the course of running around crazily:

  • Karaoke at David’s Bridal is a bad idea. In general you should be very careful with bridal shops; there are many high strung people milling around draped in outrageously expensive things.
  • Karaoke at Eastern Market, on the other hand, is a good idea. Grizzled old guy teaching people how to dance the hustle: another good idea.

It’s all about location, location.

I am successfully staying busy.
Still waiting on news from my potential new job. Trying not to pin my hopes anywhere.
Scheduled an interview at a school in Dearborn next week.
I’ve just finished orchestrating my 3rd exchange student placement with a host family for the coming year, which is exciting.
In my grad class I am researching raising bilingual children. I’m loving grad school because it’s all so relevant and interesting to me.

Grad school, however, is not loving me. I was just informed that not only do I not get any financial aid for this semester, but I will also have to pay for my entire degree out of pocket since I am (ironically) considered “non-degree.” I’m trying to rant Eastern into submission as far as this is concerned. In the meantime I am trying to see how long I can go without actually paying my tuition, and hoping that magical dollars will rain from the sky. I am getting my paycheck, and tutoring one hour a week, but haven’t been able to find additional summer employment. Between rent/wedding/bills/books/gas/doctor’s bill (which I put off as much as possible) I am barely making it to next paycheck. The huge balance for tuition is sitting there ignored for now… as is my car’s water pump. There’s something to be said for blind faith in something working out. Or at least, I’m giving it a shot.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently being very busy and social, but in between fitting in lots of time to be very distraught, very anxious, very stressed, very sad.

Then today I was driving down the highway: heat coming off the asphalt like a tangible presence, in my broken car that’s going to stay broken, with my shirt sticking to my back. I caught a smile on my face. I catch myself coping, and it surprises me more than the places where I find myself cracking under the weight of things.

Detroit Espejos Green "Screw Art, This Just Tastes Good" Hygienic Dress coffeedate


One Response to Sunstruck Perspectives

  1. nashifeet says:

    oh gosh sara, i love you. i was thinking about you today. if your car dies, i wish i could give you mine. also, what school in dearborn? you’ll learn arabic fast 🙂 and i’ll be close by. i want to do karaoke with you. so does grace. did you try looking for a nannying job? part time babysitting? hmm.

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