I’m making sangria and my hands smell like citrus. There are flowers dropping petals on my dresser and houseplants curling up their leaves in defeat on the bookshelf. I spent most of the weekend away, and now I’m back in my own apartment feeling _________.

a) caffeinated
b) overwhelmed
c) restless
d) hopeful
e) nostalgic
f) regretful
g) lonely
h) a & d
i) e & b
j) the whole alphabet; it’s all there

Take your pick, folks.

I have about one month left of vacation. Less than that; a few weeks at best. I didn’t get the job I wanted, in Hamtramck. If all else fails I at least know I have a job to return to, and a change in administration and one year of experience (as well as the objectivity gained from this break) makes that far easier to stomach.

I am moving next month; I’m looking forward to the house, the company, the porch, the fireplace, the garden, people I care about within walking distance, a proliferation of felines… including two new baby kittens.

I’m also looking forward to teaching, regardless of where that will be. I want to spend my time worrying about my students, and how to teach them. The thing about having too much time to myself is that my “myself” doesn’t seem to want to use it for anything valuable. She’s kind of a whiny bitch. I’d rather spend more time doing what I care about and have less time for useless anxiety.

I have been able to keep myself busy lately, though, with lots of things I care about. I’ve been learning Arabic, spending time with good friends, exploring Detroit, interviewing host families, placing exchange students, having a really nerdy good time with my grad classes. The anxiety fits in neatly in between, but it’s been a good summer anyway.

This little babe and her brother are going to be living with us.

This little babe and her brother are going to be living with us.

Belle Isle.

Belle Isle. Zoom out.

Zoom in.

Zoom in.


One Response to Understatement

  1. chelsea says:

    what are you doing RIGHT NOW? want to come over? probably not, but if you do, you can. 🙂 i miss you.

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