More losses on the “keeping it together” front

I’m the lone customer in this Toledo Bigby’s coffee (you know, the ex-racist coffee chain?) after some failed attempts at further socialization following my sister’s shower. This was her “personal” shower, which was interesting to shop for. I definitely didn’t go as far as I would have for someone who wasn’t my little sister.

It’s been some kind of week. I was wondering if stupidities come in threes, and as of yesterday I decided that yes, they do.

#1) Last Friday: a fiasco with a sports car in Ann Arbor.

#2) Sunday: Locked my keys and phone and pretty much everything useful in the car, at a liquor store on the way home from the gym. I had stopped by to get cheap vodka to make fruit schnapps. I went into the liquor store and called the non-emergency police line to see if they’d come rescue me.

Police: Is the car running?
Me: No.
Police: Is there a child in the car?
Me: No…
Police station: I’m sorry, ma’am. We can’t open it.
Me: Oh. Thanks. Bye.
Liquor Store Guy: You should have left it running.
Me: Too bad I don’t have a kid.
Liquor Guy: Uh…. [silent judgment] …just make sure you get the car within a few hours, or it will be towed.

So, I walked about 8 blocks home to my house.. got my spare from my neighbor… walked the 8 blocks back… unlocked the car… got my wallet… went back into the store.

Me: Thanks for the phone.
Liquor Store Guy: No problem.
Me: Now, what’s your cheapest vodka? I think I need about a half gallon.
Liquor Store Guy: [more judgement]
Me: Um… I’m making schnapps?

I was still in my workout clothes and probably didn’t look my best. Just keeping it classy.

#3) Last night: Locked my keys in the car again, at a grocery store in Ann Arbor, on my way to church. The entire church came to rescue me (we are a whopping 5 people now), Triple-A membership in hand. I think this is a sign that I need to renew my own membership. I had a pretty responsible streak for a while there, but soon I am going to be commuting an hour each way daily, in my still-broken car…. also, I am an idiot.

What the crap is wrong with me?

Debes enfocarte, saracita!

I think my (ample) driving time has become my thinking/emotional/being upset time, which isn’t good.

Many other things on the brain (obviously…) but those will have to wait for another time, or another venue.

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