Well, you’re an oxymoron.

It feels like a lazy day but it has been a pretty strenuous day. A lazy productive day! Oxymoron! I guess this is what “working from home” feels like? I don’t know. I’m still in my bathrobe but I’ve been up and working since fairly early this morning.

I just finished my take-home final: writing a proposal for an ESL program at my school. It’s hypothetical, but I like this kind of assignment best. I am bad at traditional “studying” and it’s much easier to focus on specific questions and goals, like: How would I sell this to my administration? How would I incorporate this into my classes? How do I teach this to other people?

I have to finish this 10-page research paper within the next few days, too. Plugging along. Anyone interested in parental involvement for ESL students? MMMMMMMMMmmmmm. Hit me up.

I just got the schedule for this week’s professional development, and it looks like I don’t have to go in until Wednesday or Thursday, which is good since that leaves me time to get all the loose ends tied up with this grad class before going back to work.

My sister’s wedding is this weekend. I move in a little over a week. Change! Disorienting! Exciting! Overwhelming!

I spent time with my youngest sister last week (wedding shoe shopping!) and she and I were talking about what it’s like being a grown up.

“At least when you’re a grown-up you get to do whatever you want,” she said.

As it turns out, though, being a grown-up means you get to choose to do the things you don’t want to do. Pay for car, apartment, bills. Pay for school. Go to the job you want to go to, if you’re really lucky.

Someone else pointed out that other stuff – loneliness and heartache – seems like kid stuff when you’re worried about making rent and a career. I think that kid stuff is the stuff you can focus on. You have time as a kid to stay outside making forts all day, or sitting inside being sad all day, or devouring bookshelves of books until your eyes are ready to fall out of your head. (All of these things I know very well!)

Then you learn to juggle things. This weekend was a good “grown-up” weekend. I tutored / cleaned house / worked on my paper / talked on the phone / worked on my paper more / snuggled a cat / went to engagement parties / met new people / drank beer and had good conversations / drank wine and had good conversations / talked about things that make me happy / talked about things that make me teary / slept on couches / had una recasa / drank a lot of coffee / worked on my paper more / had dinner with my family / hung out with my aunt while she helped finish my dress alterations / met up with my Spain people / worked on my paper more.

A good last full weekend of summer. Soon there will be a lot less time for all of those things.


One Response to Well, you’re an oxymoron.

  1. annadefenestrated says:

    All your grad schooling. All your curriculuming. Lots of braining.

    So I guess no mas the Visit Anna in Chicago, hmm. Too bad. I shall continue stalking you from here.

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