A Room of One’s Own

My life is several kinds of crazy right now.



My little sister got married on Saturday. I was in the wedding–my first time in a wedding (well, since being a 3-year-old flower girl, surrounded by clouds of 80’s-era pink satin dresses). It was a long/emotional/fun day. It’s still hard to wrap my mind around the fact that she’s a married lady now.

new room

I am moving this coming weekend, into the house that A. & M. just bought. It’s pretty much my dream house: big old house, big porch, beautiful yard and garden space, fireplace, wood floors, lots of windows,  a bedroom with trees and flower boxes outside the windows, good people as housemates, fuzzy kittens. Moving will be hectic but I’m glad to be moving back closer to all my friends.


I have a classroom! Maybe. Probably. We moved into the new school building. Everything is very up in the air. We reported back to school about a week ago and have had a lot of confusion as we try to move into a new building and restructure an entire school within the few weeks we have before kids arrive. No one has contracts or salaries yet. Today was tense; the new management company started firing people, and rumors are flying all over the place. I don’t think my position is in danger, since I am pretty highly qualified for what I’m doing, and since I”m so far at the bottom of the food chain it’s nearly impossible for my salary to go down, but there’s no telling what classes I’ll be teaching, or how much I’ll be paid.

The good news is that I’ve been assigned to my own classroom, at least tentatively. No more schlepping from room to room with huge tote bags! This means my own space, my own supplies and organization and procedures that are so much easier when I have my own space.

This also means that I need to put together and organize that space. As soon as I got my room assignment today I went in and looked around and had a million ideas bouncing around inside my head about what I’d like to do with it.

Things I am going to be hunting for, if you know where to get them cheap cheap cheap:

  • Crates for putting folders in.
  • A cd player, or better yet speakers I can hook up to my computer… hm, maybe I have these somewhere?
  • Flags from Spanish-speaking countries
  • Borders for bulletin boards
  • A big world map… I want to keep track of all the countries we learn about. I may make this with the kids as we go along…
  • A large colorful rug (If I have all grade levels in one room, and have no idea what kind of tables or desks I’ll have, I want to be able to sit on the floor with the little kids)
  • A bookshelf or two
  • Small plastic containers for supplies on tables
  • Low cabinets or shelves
  • Any art supplies someone is getting rid of

Oh man, I can already see how it will be tempting to spend boatloads of money on making my room awesome.

I am antsy to get my financial aid and actually find out what my salary is. I need to start putting money aside for a new(er) car. I’m going to be driving more than 400 miles a week; I’m sure I’ll be driving poor Lucy into the ground pretty quickly.


One Response to A Room of One’s Own

  1. Maureen says:

    good post cuz, good post. the classroom sounds exciting. as do the new digs. and good luck on the financial aid! it was great hanging out with you at the wedding and at the bar after the wedding. we’ll have to do it again soon – and don’t have to wait for a wedding or a birthday to make it happen 🙂

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