Stream of Conciousness

(As plagiarized from a Kindergartner.)

You shouldn’t scream because you might get a whooping from your mama
and sometimes people cry because they miss their mama
or their daddy
or their cousin
or their baby sister
or something like that…
or their baby brother…
or their… mama….
or maybe you cry because you broke a toy
or you want a snack
or maybe a dog bit you
or maybe you broke a light…
or you got a bug on your arm
or… or….
What’s your name?
What’s your last name?
Is that your last name or your… your… talking name?
Can I call you Mr. Rivers?
Can I call you Bear?
I want to be an ambulance when I grow up.
Ms. K, he’s saying nasty stuff.
Like… booties and stuff.
Guess how old I be!
Ms. K, you have blue eyes!
Why do your earrings look like that?
Is school almost done?
Can I play with these?
Can I go over there and play with those?
Ms. K, I need to use it.

2 Responses to Stream of Conciousness

  1. chelsea says:

    god i love this.

  2. Anna says:

    I also love this.

    Booties. Heh. *NASTY!*

    Also, your photography gets better and better almost to a ridiculous degree every year I know you. Love it. Thanks for posting it here because flickr is in a dark corner of the universe and I don’t always go there.

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