Notes from my day today

At the beginning of every semester I have students fill out index cards with their name on one side and some information on the other side. The side with their name I use to randomly pull out cards from a box to assign classroom jobs, and to set on tables so that kids can find their seats easily for new seating charts.

The tidbits of information I have kids put on the back always turns out to be enlightening. So I’m beginning to piece together an idea of what the middle school is going to be like this year.

Things I’m good at:
I’m good at gymnastic, being a Drama Queen, and I like to be in the spotlight. –6th grade girl (& truer words were never written.)
Things that are difficult for me:
Spanish is difficult, and trying to stay woke. –8th grade boy
Washing my dog, blow drying my hair. –8th grade girl
Something interesting about me:
I have a lot of swagg.  –8th grade boy
Something interesting about me is I played all most every sport.  –8th grade boy

2 Responses to Notes from my day today

  1. Anna says:

    Oh holy GOD!

    How can you read that stuff without cringing?! Why isn’t English taught?! GOD! WHY!?

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