Are we there yet?


There’s a little 1st grade kid who asks me every day she’s seen me this week: “Just two more days until the last day, right? One more day until the last day, right? Today’s the last day, right?”

“Well, yes, it’s Friday,” I told her. “But you’ll have to come back Monday…”

I think this is the cause of much of the 1st-week-of-kindergarten tears. The first day or so is very exciting and fun, and then you realize that you have to keep coming back here every day

Then you get a little older and your sense of the future becomes a little more broad, and you realize just how many years are spanned by your all-consuming educational process…

Then, almost 20 years later, on some days you leave your job teaching little people, and drive through rush hour to your own class, because you are still getting your freaking education...

Several classmates were in tears at the end of my grad school class this week, just with the sheer amount of work that comes from teaching + graduate school + the rest of life.

Today was the first physical confrontation I had to deal with this year… some pushing and shoving between middle schoolers. Nothing like the bloody carnage that was last year, at least.

In all it’s been a good first week of teaching. I feel like this year is going to be much better.

Also, it’s Friday.


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