Objectual, Contextual

I feel like I’m settling in to my place at school. I feel confident about my abilities to teach these kids. It’s a new feeling. It’s nice to be wondering things like How am I going to give this class enough practice so they can use this language? or How can I make attendance procedures smoother? instead of just Oh god how am I going to get through this day?

It’s strange to feel so confident in that area of my life, while feeling completely doubtful and apprehensive in others.

Trying to hang onto the good things:

–bedroom with trees outside the window
–collecting money for Kiva
–Saturday night dinners
–Monday night beers
–portraits from students
–good news from friends
–leaves changing
–wine with dinner after a long day
–kittens bouncing around the house
–supplies donated by students–it’s like christmas! with tissues & sanitizer under the tree!

I’m trying to get used to the busy-ness, and just not having any time for myself during the week. Tutoring + grad school + teaching are already too much. Tuesday is the hardest; I get done tutoring at 7:30 and drive an hour home. Except for Wednesdays, when I get done at 9:00… or Mondays… or…

This is my time to myself, a few minutes before the 2nd graders come in, after copies have been made (or given up on, after lengthy wrestling with the copier) and the tables have been re-adjusted following the inevitable disarray that each class leaves them in.

My “Refocus” forms are producing mixed success.  Whenever kids aren’t living up to expectations I tell them to go refocus–take a few minutes to answer two questions on a simple form, then get back to work. Kids can do this if they need a moment to calm down in a frustrating situation, also.

Overall it seems like it’s effective in helping kids get themselves on track without the volume of parent phone calls I had to make last year.

¡Enfocate! Refocus yourself! Please use complete sentences.

1. Why are you here?

I was LOL-ing.

2. What will you do differently next time?

Not LOL.

There are still a few kinks to work out.

Ms. K, what would you do if there was a fox in your classroom? (Tell him to speak Spanish or get out!)

What president do y’all have in Mexico?

¿Qué atrapar, perro? (No, you can’t literally translate “what’s trappin’, dawg?” into Spanish, you’ll sound like a crazyperson.)


One Response to Objectual, Contextual

  1. maggie says:

    i love how you say ‘trying to hang onto the good things’ because that is how i roll, too. 🙂

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