Oh, fricativo…

I keep thinking that it is Friday. It’s not.

It’s another blustery day today. The sun just poked its nose out for the first time all day. My nose is running off and on, but I like watching the trees change colors outside the classroom window, and the way the branches are flailing around.

Having my own room means that parents can meander by and stop to chat, which is nice. I’d much rather get to meet parents first thing on a positive note (Oh hey, is this Spanish? Nice room! He’s been singing that song all day at home!) rather than just negative phone calls.

Today in the 2nd grade learning words for numbers turned into learning words for weather, so we could complain about it in Spanish. In the 5th grade lessons about weather turned into lessons about teamwork while the students made weather posters.

The 8th graders left for a field trip, so my middle school class this morning was small and almost entirely 6th graders. It was interesting to see the change in dynamics. The 6th graders are a lot more lively without the older kids around. 6th grade is usually somewhat subdued by 8th grade’s smoldering grumbles, interspersed with brief moments when everyone gets really interested in the lesson, on accident.

One 5th grader got upset when the class was being noisy, and yelled “BE QUIET, this is why Ms. K doesn’t like us!”

Just because your mom yells at you doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you, I said. And just because she loves you doesn’t mean she won’t yell.

The straight-A kids with quiet hands aren’t usually the ones that spice up my day… though I am very proud of some of the research proposals I’ve gotten from the middle schoolers. I want to study the rare and beautiful species of the Amazon rain forest. I want to study the beliefs of people in Mexico. I want to know if Spanish-speaking rappers write about the same things as they do here.

If only I had working computers for kids to research on. If only there was space for my class in the computer lab. If only these papers would grade themselves. If only I could breathe through my nose…


2 Responses to Oh, fricativo…

  1. chelsea says:

    i love this post.

    also, where in ypsi are you? i may (crosses fingers) be renting a house on n huron and jarvis.

  2. saracita says:

    I’ll email you my address. 🙂

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