La Esperanza

In class today we saw some of Frida Kahlo’s work – I find a way to put her into my classes each year; I love her – and looked at her “Tree of Hope” painting.

Mixed in with the inevitable comments rooted firmly in immaturity, there were a few thoughtful comments from the middle schoolers about pain and ways to express it, and what hope is like. I was suprised at what a hopeful take they had on some of her more gruesome paintings.

“The left side of that painting is showing that she can go on even though she’s sad.”

“She’s on a deer’s body because she’s still running even though she got shot.”

A friend and I were talking about hope last night. Specifically, in human relationships, how to balance the right amount of hope with the need to face reality. How to have enough hope to keep putting in effort, but not so much that it gets in the way of actually dealing with things on a realistic level.

No answers here. Just a few thoughts rattling around. That’s all.



One Response to La Esperanza

  1. annadefenestrated says:

    Frida is awesome.

    How much does doggedness=crazy?
    When should one just give up.

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